Terms and Conditions

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Terms and Conditions
To the publisher, The person who adds their property with the intention of managing their sale or exchange transaction
Your information is published in accordance with the Privacy Policy and Data Treatment described below. Habana Oasis is not responsible in any way for the use of this public information by third parties who visit the site and obtain it.

Bank-pro.com is not responsible for sending offensive messages or comments through our site. Which does not exempt us from making the best effort to prevent this from happening, and in the event that it occurs, take possible measures to prevent its recurrence.

Bank-pro.com will provide all the assistance required by the courts in accordance with current legislation if requested.

Bank-pro.com may remove / unpublished a user's publication if it is found to be fraud or any form of scam, without prior notice or obligation to indemnify the user.

The user looking for publications as a potential interested
Habana Oasis does not guarantee veracity in the data obtained from the publication of a user. Which does not exempt us from checking and proceeding as far as possible about any complaint or incorrect data found and reported by a user.
Bank-pro.com will always try to provide the best service, but for reasons beyond its control it is impossible to guarantee constant availability of the service to any of its users.

By using our site you accept the points set out above in each case.

These Terms and Conditions may be modified by Habana Oasis at any time and will be understood as effective from that moment. In this case, the revised policy will be included on the Website and if you are a registered user, we will send it to you by email.

To resolve any questions regarding the interpretation, acceptance or scope of these terms, please contact us through support@bankpro.com
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